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 TEEKAY Stepped Coupling 
TEEKAY 大細令-用作不同喉管接駁

By simply butting two pipes together and connecting with a Teekay Pipe Coupling, space, weight, time, and cost savings are achieved with every installation. Teekay Pipe Couplings allow pipes to be joined without the need for flanging, grooving, threading, or welding.

Teekay's range includes more than 15,000 British-made, industry-leading options for joining pipes between 21mm and 4200mm in diameter. Teekay Couplings have a broad range of approvals and certifications providing peace of mind in use across a vast range of industries.


TEEKAY Stepped Coupling

TEEKAY Repair Coupling and Repair Clamp
TEEKAY 緊急維修箍

Repair Coupling.jpg

TEEKAY Repair Coupling

Repair Clamp.jpg

TEEKAY Repair Clamp

TEEKAY Repair Clamp and Repair Coupling can be easily pulled around a leaking pipe to seal a fracture. Suitable for emergency repairs in buildings and industrial units to avoid costly reinstatement work caused by water damage. 

TEEKAY 緊急維修箍用於維修洩漏管道,以密封方式修保裂縫。 適用於建築物和工業單位的緊急維修,以避免因水災造成的昂貴的修復工作。



TEEKAY Axilock-S and Axilock
TEEKAY 大力箍,受壓箍

Axilock-S and Axilock (大力箍,受壓箍).jpg

Axilock-S and Axilock

The Teekay Axilock range is designed to replace the need for flanging, welding, pipe grooving, and pipe threading by providing a quick and easy solution to joining plain-end pipe. Incorporating grip rings at each end of the fitting, the Teekay Axilock offers high levels of security by locking the pipes together under pressure.

Each coupling is 100% rubber-lined, ensuring that high levels of corrosion resistance are maintained throughout the life of the coupling.

Available in single (Axilock-S) and double (Axilock) casing versions depending on pressure and diameter.

Both models are suitable for new installations and retro‑fit, whether on a ship, building, or process plant. The Teekay Axilock range offers a versatile pipe coupling system that accommodates angulation, vibration, and vacuum.

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