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Cla-Val is a world-leading designer and manufacturer of automatic control valves. From reducing and relief valves to deluge, air valves and more, Cla-Val manufactures and provides a wide variety of solutions for use in some of the world’s most demanding applications.

- "CLA-VAL" SERIES 650 Pressure Relief / Safety Valve


Model: 650-01
(Normally Close)

Model: 650-33
(Normally Open)

Cla-Val 650 Series Pressure Relief/Safety Valves are pressure actuated through a pilot control system. Operation is fully automatic, and pressure settings can be easily changed. The valve can be used as a pressure relief valve, pressure sustaining valve, back pressure valve, or safety shut-off valve.

When upstream pressure rises above an acceptable level:-

(A) The Model 650-01 is assembled as a normally closed valve that opens quickly to maintain steady line pressure.

(B) The Model 650-33 is assembled as a normally open valve that closes quickly to protect downstream piping.

  • Typical Applications - 650-01


Pressure Relief Service

This fast opening, slow closing relief valve provides system protection against high pressure surges on pump start up and pump shut down by dissipating the excess pressure to a safe location.

  • Typical Applications - 650-33


Safety Shut-Off Service

When the 690-01 PRV discharge pressure is as set, the 650-33 safety valve is fully open. When the PRV outlet
pressure rises above normal, the 650-33 valve will begin close to isolate the excess pressure from the downstream piping. Operation is completely automatic and may be easily field adjusted.

Model: 580PS 

580PS Catalogue.jpg

Silent Wafer Check Valve
靜音夾止回閥 (夾包)

Valve Body: Ductile Iron (BS EN 1563‧ GR. EN-GJS-450)
Disc: 316 Stainless Steel {BS EN10283 Gr.1-4408 Seat: 316 Stainless Steel (B SEN10283 Gr.1-4408)

Epoxy Coating: WRAS Approval No.2008501 
Body Marking: CLA-VAL (DN) PN16 DI

Product Advantages

•    Operates Horizontally or Vertically
•    Watertight Metal-to-Metal Seating
•    Field Replaceable Parts

Model: AQUA 90-501

H Strainer (H隔)
with rapid purge arrangement

•    DN40 - DN600
•    PN 10-16-25-40
•    Max. temperature 80 。C

CAL-VAL 90-501.png

​Operation and Installation:

The Cal-VAL AQUA 90-501 strainer is used when effective filtration is required. Of compact design, maintenance is fast and easy strainer mesh perpendicular to flow optimizes pressure drop. Moreover, the AQUA 90-501 strainer model can be equipped with an autonomous programmable flushing valve ( CLA-VAL SERIES ECO) allowing fast flushing without removing the top cover. The strainer may be installed in any position, however installation with the cover on top side is recommended. 


Modulating Ball Float 波曲


咸水: "CLA-VAL" Model: 629-01 咸水波曲

Modulating Ball Float valve, D.I. Body with Epoxy, St.St. 316 Trim, St.St. control ; float ball
& Rod with Epoxy. Flanged to PN16 drilling, W/P: 16 bar.

​食水: "CLA-VAL" Model: NGE100-CF9 食水波曲

Modulating Ball Float valve, D.I. Body with Epoxy,SS Trim & SS float ball, PN16 Flanged, W/P: 16 bar.

Ductile Iron Pressure reducing valve 減壓掣

90-01 (1).jpg

咸水: CLA-VAL" Model: 690-01 咸水減壓掣

Ductile Iron Pressure reducing valve, St. St. Trim, SS pilot tube & fittings, Epoxy coated, PN16 Flanged. Adj. Pressure : 30-300 psi

​食水: "CLA-VAL" Model: NGE90-01 食水減壓掣

Ductile Iron Pressure reducing valve, Epoxy coated, SS Trim, Copper pilot tube and fitting, PN16 flanged, Adj. Pressure : 30-300 psi. 

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